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The kitchen is the most important room in a home to many and it’s no wonder. The kitchen is where hot meals and warm conversations pair with quality time and memorable gathering. Laughter, chit-chats, and heart-to-hearts are no stranger to this special space, too.

This area is a vital element in year-round celebrations especially the holidays, so we know it’s just as important that we customize a kitchen to help you entertain right. At Core Homes, we bring you ample cabinet space to store your wide variety of cooking supplies comfortably,  a spacious refrigerator to store all your sweets and treats, and an island to serve up each delectable recipe you and your special guests put so much time and energy into.

When you let Core Homes help create the kitchen you have always wanted, you’ll choose from quality, stylish design options that will also serve your preference and soiree style.

Hungry for customization? Call us today at 815-439-9000 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can build the kitchen and home you crave.

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Hosting Thanksgiving in Your New Home

Hosting a holiday can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are some helpful tips to make for a smooth and enjoyable first holiday in your new home…

    There are quite a few things that you can complete before the big day.

    • Organize your thoughts by making a timeline and a master “todo list.”
    • Finalize your menu and shopping list.
    • Bake desserts in advance, most don’t need to be fresh from the oven.
    • Set the table the night before or even earlier in the week.
    • Decorate the house.
    If your kitchen is ready to go, the cooking and cleaning will be easy, breezy.

    • Clear out the fridge/freezer to make room for all the delicious dishes.
    • Clear and clean the counters.
    • Take inventory of the ingredients you already have.
    • Don’t forget about leftovers, make sure you have plastic containers, baggies, and wrap ready to go.
    Make the best of the day by not complicating things.

    • Keep breakfast simple.
    • Don’t experiment with new recipes, stick with what you know.
    • Have cocktails or wine ready for your guests.
    • Delegate as much as possible, never turn down help.
    • Keeps snacks straightforward and put them in a room outside of the kitchen so the kitchen is all yours.
    • Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.