Hosting Thanksgiving in Your New Home

Hosting a holiday can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Here are some helpful tips to make for a smooth and enjoyable first holiday in your new home…

    There are quite a few things that you can complete before the big day.

    • Organize your thoughts by making a timeline and a master “todo list.”
    • Finalize your menu and shopping list.
    • Bake desserts in advance, most don’t need to be fresh from the oven.
    • Set the table the night before or even earlier in the week.
    • Decorate the house.
    If your kitchen is ready to go, the cooking and cleaning will be easy, breezy.

    • Clear out the fridge/freezer to make room for all the delicious dishes.
    • Clear and clean the counters.
    • Take inventory of the ingredients you already have.
    • Don’t forget about leftovers, make sure you have plastic containers, baggies, and wrap ready to go.
    Make the best of the day by not complicating things.

    • Keep breakfast simple.
    • Don’t experiment with new recipes, stick with what you know.
    • Have cocktails or wine ready for your guests.
    • Delegate as much as possible, never turn down help.
    • Keeps snacks straightforward and put them in a room outside of the kitchen so the kitchen is all yours.
    • Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

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