Kitchen Design Solutions: Affordable + Appetizing

At Core Homes, building a brand new kitchen is a complete treat.

We want you to get the very best out of your special space, so we always include top-quality craftsmanship and appliances from the start.


Core’s specialties in the kitchen? Our latest video shows them all.

Enjoy a high-efficiency refrigerator, gas range stove, dishwasher, and microwave. Most models have walk-in and built-in pantries available. And, most models include an island that takes get-togethers to the next level. They also make team cooking a breeze.


Love personalization? At Core Homes, we’ve got a vast array of options to choose from, so your comfort and creativity can reach new peaks.


Give us a call at (815) 467-1155. Let’s cook up something delightful.


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