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The kitchen designed initially for cooking meals has transformed into the heart of your home. Core Homes understands that a kitchen is a place for the family to convene, socialize with friends, work on homework, pay bills, and enjoy food. This area is also vital in year-round celebrations, especially the holidays, so we know it’s just as important that we customize a kitchen to fit all your needs. At Core Homes, we bring you options and personalizations to create an inspiring space that will ensure every day is fantastic no matter what is thrown at you.


A kitchen island is a perfect place to have heart-to-hearts with family and chit-chats with friends. It is also a great addition to your kitchen as it adds more storage space, seating options, and space for preparing your favorite dishes. With more people working from home, they also provide an additional workspace for the students and professionals under your roof.


Say goodbye to boring cupboards and cabinets. At Core, birch cabinets as your standard option with the choice between 7 shades of color. Our cabinets have 36” uppers giving your family ample cabinet space to store your wide variety of cooking supplies.


Lighting places a key role in attracting attention to your kitchen. Consider customizing your kitchen and showcasing your island with pendant lighting. This type of lighting helps reduce glare and eye strain, and it never goes out of style. We also offer can lighting, so not only can you get your ceiling back, but you can show off a sleek, modern look.


Want more? No problem. Top-quality and great appliances come included. Our kitchens all feature a high-efficiency refrigerator, gas range stove, dishwasher, and microwave. And, you have the option to upgrade these appliances to stainless steel. 


Add value and durability to your home by dressing your countertops in granite or quartz, make life less complicated with pull-out trash drawers, shelves, and pantry cabinets, and store all your snacks and large equipment in a walk-in pantry. Let’s top it off with a pop color and creative design in your new custom backsplash.

When you let Core Homes help create the kitchen you have always wanted, you’ll choose from quality, stylish design options that will also serve your preference and style.

Hungry for customization? Call us today at 815-467-1155 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can build the kitchen and home you crave.

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