Bathrooms Sparkling with Convenience in your New Home

At Core Homes, we believe bathrooms should feel fit for royalty. The best way to do that? Use precision in the installation of quality products to deliver ultimate, everyday convenience.

When you build your home with Core, you’ll enjoy the comforts of our standard master bathroom that features a tall vanity, which means you can wave goodbye to crouching over your sink as a full-grown adult. Core bathrooms also feature a generously-sized, walk-in closet to make storage with proximity a breeze.

Enjoy our standard shower or, if you love to kick back and relax, upgrade to the optional soaker tub. We offer a variety of further customizations, as well. So, whether it’s a luxury shower or custom cabinetry for towels and toiletries that you want, we can make it happen. There’s no need to fantasize about your dream home. Let’s build it.


Call us today at 815-439-9000 or visit our website at to learn more about building a home that serves as a sanctuary.

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