Core Homes Open Floor Plans Help Celebrate Your Style

We’ve been in business for over 25 years in the Joliet area, and over that time, we’ve learned that you like to celebrate as much as we do. So, we’ve integrated this into the way we build because a house is not a home until it’s set up in the way that complements your life and the way you live it.


Check out our latest video on how working with Core means building with your very own, personal style. Our open floor plans give sufficient space to the cozy couch cuddlers and social butterflies, alike. With a spacious kitchen, or what we call the “heartbeat of the home,” copious amount of storage and serving space, and a sunroom that serves as a perfect extension of the kitchen, you have everything you need to treat the ones you love most to an event as wonderful as they are.


Call us today at 815-467-1155 or visit our website at to build a house that supports your celebration style.


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