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Different From Our Core


What makes Core Homes special? We are so excited to show you the full array of excellent standard features we offer in our new luxury homes in person—or at least from your screen.

Core Homes is not just like any homebuilder out there. We take great pride in providing a top-quality product with excellent customer service to follow, and even more than that, we love being able to create a new home you can build memories in. That means a little something different to everyone and since we’re all unique, it’s no surprise our homes ought to be, too.

That’s why we offer options and customizations to fit your specific needs—and Pinterest favorites.

From standard features like oak railings, 9-foot ceilings, and kitchen appliances, to optional soaker tubs and sunrooms, we make sure that you get to build the house you desire for the home you love most.

Call us today at 815-439-9000 to explore next steps with us today.


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