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Why choose our local business to build your home?

Why choose our local business to build your home?

At Core Homes, we want a reputation as solid as the homes we construct, meaning you can expect top-notch customization and unparalleled customer care.

We know you have the option of working with national home builders. That’s why we’re sharing the advantages of choosing local. Get the quality you deserve!

Core Homes Local Advantages:

National home builders offer standardized models to deliver consistent product, but that also often means that customization options are at a minimum. Home building that fits to your lifestyle is the name of our game and because we have the ability to work closely with you, we can customize your home to make it just the way you want it. You are also open to invest in upgrades to your heart’s desire—never boxed in by limited options.

Building with large, national companies can mean you speak with a variety of people on a daily basis. That makes it hard to know who to call, and when. You will always have one main point person with us. Our process is streamlined and organized so we can be highly available to you.

And, we can work quickly if something requires attention. Our size allows us to do so.

Most importantly, Core Homes team members all live and work in the communities in which we build. Being a positive force and good neighbors in those communities is important to us. We show it both inside and outside the office.

Build with a team who is proud to call you a neighbor, at Core Homes.

Call us for more info at 815-467-1155.

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