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Constructing Sunrooms Specialized for You


Everyone loves a sanctuary. That’s why it is no surprise when new home buyers choose to take advantage of our option to add a sunroom to their beautiful new abode. The sunroom is just one of the options we’re proud to offer to our clients. It’s exciting for us here at Core Homes to construct homes that accommodate our clients’ many different personalities and lifestyles. The sunroom option is an excellent way to make that happen.

We often see families choose to transform the sunroom into a dining room and use it as an extension of space from the kitchen. This leaves plenty of room for everyone to comfortably get together, share a delicious meal, and make lasting memories.

We have also seen the sunroom space crafted into a sitting room where rest and relaxation is at its best. Enjoy bird watching, meditating, or reading in this peaceful room.

The sunroom also delivers an additional dose of natural light to your home, lifting the brightness of the space as well as your mood.

Don’t forget to take a glimpse at the moon in this awesome add-on space. You might even want to park your telescope there.

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