Soak in Summer.

Soak in Summer! It’s time to come out of hibernation, both you and your home. Pack up the heavy blankets and close the fireplace flue, summer in Channahon is almost here! With a few easy changes, you can take your home from winter to summer. We’ve got some tips and tricks to perfectly “summerfy” your home!
Change the Drapes
With the coming of summer, add an airy feel to your home with sheer curtains. This still allows privacy but lets light and circulation flow through your home.
Add Natural Accents
Natural accessories can change the entire feel of your home. Think woven baskets, natural wood elements, and earthy/light throw blankets.
Spring Cleaning
Cleaning up clutter and simply sprucing up your home can bring a natural lightness. It’s a great time to pack away any winter accessories as well.
Add the Gift of Nature
Indoor plants not only serve up a fresh look, but they actually make the air in your home cleaner. Easy to maintain plants are a way to add greenery without the extra work.
Natural Lighting
The glow of a candle can be great in colder months, but come summer, we crave bright, natural settings. Mirrors can help bounce natural lighting around your home.
In winter, furniture tends to be cozied around the fireplace or TV. For summer, consider moving your couch near a window, ditch the formal table settings, and add a giant comfy pillow near a bookshelf.
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